About LiTiNi

We are a family of small feet, little hands and odd sizes. With all the frustrations of retail shopping (clothes, shoes, gloves, belts, skirts, jeans, oh jeans!) along came the idea that at least we should be able to have socks that fit our little feet properly. After all, one size doesn’t really fit all.

Jenn & mom, Elizabeth, with no background in textiles, marketing or web retailing, set out on a mission to find a hosiery manufacturer here in the good old USA that would meet with us. We started in our old hometown stomping grounds of New England with a visit to a mill in beautiful Vermont. With great luck, we discovered that the President of the company’s wife also had small feet – aha… She would be on our side!

We had some things in mind…. If not many things in mind! First and foremost, we wanted the heel of our socks to actually cradle our heel and not spill over the top of our shoes and creep up our ankles. We wanted a toe box that fit, not too wide or too long and knee highs that were proportionate to our shorter legs.

As we traveled along in search of domestic production, we found three mills willing to work with us – yes, us, the small guys! And we found that all of our mills did in fact agree, one size doesn’t fit all.

So here we are in the very early stages of bringing you, our fellow small footed people, socks that fit! Of course, Elizabeth is already dreaming of our gloves and shoe line…but that will be later! For now, we hope you’ll enjoy having socks that truly fit your little feet.

Jenn & Elizabeth