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What's New at LiTiNi
We’re new! We are bringing you some basic sock designs to start, but we have big plans ahead including more designs in our casual line, more colors in our athletic line and entire new styles. We hope our little socks knock your old socks off! Email us at hello@litini.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

Check out the recent reviews of LiTiNi socks at Really Petite.com here: http://www.reallypetite.com/2011/01/petite-review-litini-petite-socks-fo....  And the YouTube review as well: http://www.youtube.com/reallypetite.

Another great petite fashion site that we are currently loving is www.petiteresource.com

Did You Know?
LiTiNi’s performance socks are partially made with Ingeo™ PLA which is a man-made fiber derived from renewable resources such as corn. At the end of an Ingeo product’s life, it can be returned to the Earth without the negative impacts of petroleum-based products. We choose to use Ingeo in our performance socks because it has excellent wicking properties keeping your feet fresh and dry and it’s good for the Earth!

Customer Reviews
"Love my Litini socks! I have the athletic socks and the crew socks. Both fit my size 4.5 feet perfectly - no more heels that are half way up my calves or bunched up in my shoes! I wear the althletic socks every day to the gym and they've held up great after many, many washes. Same great fit with crew socks. They're light and comfortable and haven't lost shape or fit through many washes. Keep those socks coming - more styles and colors please - it's great to finally have socks that fit me!" --Jeannie V., MA

Finally socks that fit!! LiTiNi socks fit my feet so nice and snug. I don't have to bunch them up under my feet so that the heels aren't on the backs of my ankles. They are comfortable and a nice thickness and the white sport sock felt great in sneakers. The dress socks are great under slacks for work and are very comfortable in casual work shoes. It is just finally so nice to have socks that really fit. Let's face it all feet are not the same size so why should socks be?? LiTiNi socks are the best thing that happened for people with small feet." --Joanne E., Rocky Point, NY